Absent time…

Hey guys,

After a long (very long) absent time of my blog, I’m finally writing something here. There are so many things that I’d like to share and that happened on the past months that I’ll probably make a quick brief on this post and talk a little bit more of each item on separate posts.

One of the main reasons of my absence was the Java EE Tutorial.  It’s almost two years that I’m working on the Java EE Tutorial doing some small write ups and code examples but last year the group gave a great assignment, write a complete case study.  The case study (Duke’s Forest) was finally pushed into the latest update of the tutorial this month and if you want to view some of the latest Java EE 6 technologies running along (CDI, JSF 2, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, Events) you can check it out.  Hopefully this will be also part of the Java EE 6 Tutorial – 4th Edition – Advanced Topics book to be released “soon”.

Last year Oracle launched Weblogic 12c with finally supporting for Java EE 6 APIs.  This was a great update for the product but we still have updates for Weblogic 11g, which is the only version support for Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Fusion Apps.   So, hopefully we will have Oracle FMW running on Weblogic 12c and then get a real move to use the product.  The great thing here also is that I stayed at Oracle Open World Latin America Demoground doing the demo for Weblogic 12c and showing some of the new features like Maven 2.0, NetBeans Integration and more.

Oracle also release last month a new Oracle Fusion Middleware  release, PS5 ( and here is a link to the new features.  IMHO the greatest features are more BPEL 2.0 functionality, updated Service Bus version and some bug fixes at Oracle CEP.  Of course that there are much more than that, but this is only my opinion…

I’ve also worked with some Oracle partners (Latin America) on the Exastack Program, which made me play a little bit with those machines, install some applications and setup their environment, which was a good exercise btw…

There are a couple of articles that should get published at OTN soon…  Anyhow, although it’s not an excuse I was very busy mostly working and now I’m planning to write at least some small notes here regularly….

Best regards,

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