Java EE 6 Tutorial: Updates and book release

Hey! In the first post of 2013, I would like to share some work we’ve been doing on the Java EE 6 Tutorial team.

This month we released an updated version (6.0.8) that is now available from the Java EE SDK Update Center and here. This update has the following enhancements:

  • New information on securing web applications
  • Revised material on using Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java (CDI)
  • Updated database schema diagrams for the Java Persistence API example applications
  • New features in the customer JAX-RS example
  • Internationalization support in the Duke’s Forest and Duke’s Bookstore case-study example applications
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Book release

The Java EE 6 Tutorial book coverThe Java EE 6 Tutorial: Advanced Topics book is now available in paperback, Kindle and Nook versions.This book is the second volume, building on the concepts introduced in The Java EE 6 Tutorial: Basic Concepts. It introduces the Java Message Service (JMS) and Java EE Interceptors, and documents advanced features of JavaServer Faces, Servlets, JAX-RS, Enterprise JavaBeans, the Java Persistence API, Bean Validation, CDI, and enterprise application security. The book culminates with three new case-study applications that illustrate the use of multiple Java EE 6 APIs in common application use cases.


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