BEA DSPControl bug in WLI under Linux

ALDSP Version: 3.0.1
WLI Version: 9.2.2
OS: Ubuntu 8.0.4 (2.6.24-19-generic, x86_64)
Problem description: When you try to create a new DSPControl in a Process project (WLI), after the settings (remote context, ip, application name, etc…) you select which data service you want this control to call. After that, click on finish. I’ve just got an error message saying that Workshop try to create a directory called /tmpcontrolxsd1223392115385/classes/apache_schemaorg_xml. The directory name changes each time you click on finish.. But the point is, WHY ? WHY Workshop need to create that in the root directory ? Under / ? Come on… Doesn’t make sense and I didn’t find a way to setup that.
Dirt-quick workaround: Run workshop with sudo permission or give write permission on / to the user that you are running workhsop. I prefer the first one, but I’ll research about this bug and try to figure out another way to do that…

2 thoughts on “BEA DSPControl bug in WLI under Linux

  1. Almost two years after the fact: looks like someone missed a slash – the full path should be “/tmp/controlxsd…” instead of “/tmpcontrolxsd…” – “/tmp” is a “777” directory ;-)


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