How to build Google Chrome (Ubuntu 8.04)

As most of the people, I’m google fan and would like to use Chrome under my laptop running Ubuntu 8.04. But, google still don’t have a build for Linux….. At least the have a link with detailed instructions for how to build. Here goes all problems that I had in my machine and how to solve most of them:


1 – Download the missing libraries, here goes the list:

sudo apt-get install subversion pkg-config python perl g++ bison flex gperf libnss3-dev
gcc-multilib g++-multilib gobjc-multilib gobjc++-multilib

Note: The multilib part are just necessary if you have Ubuntu 64bit

2 – Choose a directory for the build and export to a environment variable, for example:

markito@anakin:~/tmp$ mkdir CHROMIUM_ROOT
markito@anakin:~/tmp$ export CHROMIUM_ROOT=/home/markito/tmp/CHROMIUM_ROOT/
markito@anakin:~/tmp$ echo $CHROMIUM_ROOT

3 – Get the depot_tools, some build scripts used by Google to build the project:

$ svn co depot_tools

Or download it from here

4 – Get the Chrome code by HTTP or from a SVN checkout (462MB)

$ export LANG=C   # temp workaround for gclient behavior
$ ./depot_tools/gclient config
$ ./depot_tools/gclient sync

Note: You can also execute this step later to update your local codebase, for any reason you need.

5 – Now you can generate a build

cd $CHROMIUM_ROOT/src/chrome
$ ../third_party/scons/ Hammer

To execute the browser, just go to: $CHROMIUM_ROOT/src/chrome/Hammer.

Problems during the build:

  • Make sure you have all gcc/g++ libraries needed for you architecture (i686, 64bit, 32bit..)
  • Make sure you have the mozilla “core” installed. You should have already if you use Firefox, but if you need to rebuild them (I needed since I don’t have the libs (.so) for 32bit), you can go to mozilla source site and get from there.

This tutorial is pretty like a copy of the original one from Google at, besides they don’t have the “multilib” part there needed by the 64bit users. Since I don’t have how to edit that page (maybe it’s not so “community open” yet), I’m bringing some more details here…

Good luck and post your comments or problems that you experienced.

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